Dr Maryia Trubitsyna


Maryia Trubitsyna


Maryia completed her undergraduate studies in Belarussian State University, Minsk, where she contributed to development of veterinary pharmaceutical product based on interferon. For her PhD she came to Edinburgh University and joined Prof David Finnegan's group, where she studied molecular mechanisms of transposition in collaboration with Dr Julia Richardson. After completion of her PhD she joined the Flowers Consortium as a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof Christopher French. During these two years Maryia has developed a new DNA assembly method - PaperClip.

Maryia is a postdoctoral research assosiate and a lab manager. She is currently working on developing alternative DNA-dependent RNA polymerases to improve the efficiency of in vitro transcription. The main goal is to obtain higher yield and quality of RNA for various applications. 

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* co-corresponding author

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* co-corresponding author

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* co-corresponding author

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