Dr Christine Merrick

Christine Merrick



Christine did her PhD the Rosser lab, where she worked on developing Serine Integrase Recombinational Assembly (SIRA) as part of an international team of interdisciplinary researchers funded by the EPSRC. SIRA is a DNA assembly method that uses site-specific recombination and facilitates the rapid assembly of multiple DNA parts in a one-pot reaction.  Using this technology Christine demonstrated rapid optimisation of the violacein and carotenoid biosynthesis pathways. She also developed an in vivo biosensor for detecting increased production of isoprenoid precursors in E. coli, and generated bacterial strains capable of producing high levels of lycopene, a compound with anticancer properties. Prior to working in the Rosser lab Christine Merrick obtained a Master in Science degree from the University of Glasgow, including one year working in the Biophysics and Structural Biology department of Pfizer, Kent. She was also a team member and a team advisor for the University of Glasgow iGEM teams in 2007 and 2011 respectively.


Christine is a postdoctoral research associate and is continuing development of SIRA technology and applying it to the production of high-value compounds. 



Phone No: 0131 650 54 16