Dr Annegret Honsbein

Annegret Honsbein


Annegret obtained her Biology Diploma from the University of Tuebingen, Germany, characterising a putative novel Arabidopsis thaliana iron transport protein. After a brief stay at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where she contributed to research into novel interactions between mammalian presynaptic proteins, she moved on to do her PhD at Glasgow University. Here, she investigated the role of SNARE proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana potassium ion channel regulation. Her first post-doc was also at the University of Glasgow as part of the UK Sandpit consortium ‘Biodesalination’ that explores the possibility of using light-driven ion transport in cyanobacteria for sea water desalination.

Annegret is part of the 'Nitroplast' consortium, an international ‘Ideas Lab’ collaboration between Prof. Rosser, Prof. Bhaya (Carnegie Institute), Prof. Golbeck (Pennsylvania State Univ.), Prof. Rutherford (Imperial College, London) and Prof. Voigt (MIT). Our ultimate aim is the engineering of a synthetic plant organelle we call ‘nitroplast’ that will reduce the amount of fertilizers needed for crop plants. In effect, it will be a chloroplast, re-engineered to fix atmospheric dinitrogen gas into ammonia and its organic derivatives that are accessible to plant metabolism. We have chosen a cyanobacterial chassis as our model system because of its similarities to plant chloroplasts, for whom they are widely considered to be evolutionary precursors.

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